Scott Foresman Reading Street 1st Grade Roll and Read Fluency Practice for Units 2-5

I have finished the Roll and Read fluency practice sheets for Scott Foresman Reading Street Units 2-5 for first grade. I can’t wait to use these next year!


“The Roll and Read sheets are leveled for differentiation: below level, on level, and above level. (These sentences come from the Monitor Progress section at the end of each week in the Teacher’s Manual.) Have students work with a partner. Partners take turn rolling a dice. Whatever number they roll is the sentence they must read. After reading it, the student paces a tally mark under the correct dice to tally how many times each sentence was read.

To save on printing, consider laminating the sheets or placing them in a page protector and using Vis-à-vis markers or dry erase markers so they can be used again and again!”  :)

Click below to purchase the roll and read sheets on Teachers Pay Teachers!


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