Magic Math! Timed Tests for Math Fact Fluency!

Mastering addition and subtraction facts in first grade is soooo important! We learn multiple strategies to help with adding and subtracting. One thing I do in my classroom is daily timed tests on addition and subtraction facts. I wanted a way to make it more fun and exciting so I came up with Magic Math!

It took me almost the whole school year last year to create this and tweak it and edit it to my liking. It’s a HUGE resource with over 100 pages of tests, games, progress charts, etc.

Here’s is what comes with Magic Math:

Mastering basic math facts is a critical component of early elementary math skills. This packet will motivate your students into using some “math magic” and mastering those math facts!

Included in the packet are:

* 3 Magic Math Class Status recording sheets
* 11 Timed tests for Adding 0 – 10
* 1 Timed test for adding doubles
* 1 Timed test for adding doubles +1
* 11 Timed tests for Subtracting 0 – 10
* 7 timed tests of mixed addition and subtraction
* 12 Dice adding games for adding 1 – 12
* 1 Subtraction tic tac toe game board
* Adding and subtracting with dice (2 sheets)
* Adding and Subtracting with dominoes (horizontal and vertical)(4 sheets)
* Math Ring covers (12 different styles)
* Math Ring cards (adding 0-10, subtracting 0-10, number minus themselves, doubles, doubles +1, sums of 10)
* Large Wizard boy and girl and frog to use on a bulletin board (black and white)
* Magic Math Certificate (color and black and white versions)
* Magic Math Punch cards (color and black and white versions)
* Magic Math Progress Charts (6 styles, black and white)
* Bulletin Board Stars to chart progress (6 styles, black and white)

Timed tests come two to a sheet. Copy them and cut them in half. If you find the borders cut off during printing, check your print settings and try setting it to fit to size. Have all students begin on adding with 0. There are 20 problems per test. I have each student choose a crayon before starting the test. Time students for 1 minute and see if they can correctly answer all problems. When the minute is up, I make them answer any problems they had left with the crayon.

You have some options as to how you display your students’ progress. Choose which option works best for you!

Option 1 – Print one bulletin board star for each student as seen in the preview. As students pass a level, place a small sticker on the star of what level they passed.

Option 2 – Print a magic math progress chart for each student. As students pass a level, place a small sticker on the star of what level they passed.

Option 3 – Print a punch card for each student. As students pass a level, place a small sticker on the star of what level they passed.

This is a zip file containing 5 PDF files.

As stated, there are three options to track student progress. I opted for the bulletin board idea. I printed a star for each student and they will earn stickers as they pass a level. Here’s my classroom bulletin board set up:

It’s obviously not finished. The title is not centered because I had to add extra stars and it still needs a little jazzing up but you get the general idea. We haven’t started our timed tests yet, but the students have already been asking questions and are very excited about it!

Magic Math is available on my Teachers Pay Teachers store or my Teacher’s Notebook store.

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