Making Words for the SmartBoard Freebie!

During phonics and spelling instruction my students and I spend a lot of time making words. The students use letter tiles (plastic or paper). Whenever I use one of my making words worksheets that I made to use with Reading Street, I always open up a making words file on my SmartBoard. As I’m walking around watching students spell the word, I choose one student to go and make the word on the SmartBoard. The students work as quick as they can so that I might pick them to go to the SmartBoard. 😉 The making words SmartBoard file I was using was a little drab so I whipped up this cuter version.

Available on Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook!

This 26 slide SmartBoard file makes it easier to practice making words! Use it during phonics or spelling time or even during centers/stations in your classroom. There are slides including the alphabet, word families, blends, digraphs, and endings. Letters, vowels, blends, word families, digraphs, and endings are color coded so students can see the difference when building words. Students simply drag the letters/word parts down to build a word.

I can’t wait to use this with them this week! I hope you all find it useful too!

Available on Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook!

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  1. Jennifer Steinacher says:

    😎 Thanks for sharing your smartboard work! I can’t wait to use it- and I am looking forward to looking through your TPT store!

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