Gingerbread Friends!

*sings* It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

I seriously LOVE the holiday season! I get to do so many fun things in my classroom that the time just seems to fly by! One of my most FAVORITE things I do all school year is my Gingerbread Unit. I am so thankful that during my first year of teaching first grade one of my colleagues shared her Gingerbread ideas with me. I was inspired and have refined and redesigned my Gingerbread Unit every year! Now I have lots of awesome Gingerbread goodies available on my Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook stores (just in time for Cyber Monday + Tuesday!)!

Gingerbread Man Emergent Reader

I created this cute emergent reader to use during my unit. My students LOVE fun, predictable texts they can all follow along with easily. My wonderful husband created all of the original graphics used in this emergent reader. A full color version as well as a black and white line art version is included. Let your students color their own books! Click the image above to purchase or check it out!

Gingerbread Themed Math Games

Back at Halloween I made a huge collection of math games. My students LOVED them! I decided to make some of those games in a Gingerbread theme. I created 3 Gingerbread Bump games and 10 Roll and Cover ones. All games are provided in bright, full color and also in grayscale to save on color printing. Click the picture above to check them out!

Gingerbread Friends Mega Unit!

If you LOVE the Gingerbread Man as much as I do, and the math games and emergent reader look like fun, then you might be interested in the Gingerbread Friends Mega Unit which includes the emergent reader and math games as well as several writing activities, graphing activity, gingerbread journal covering sequencing, story maps, and comparing and contrasting, math journal prompts, original songs/poems, a gingerbread friend glyph, bulletin board idea, a Gingerbread I Have…Who Has… game template, information about how to create a Gingerbread Person in your class that runs away and leaves clues for the students to follow and so much more!! My students always LOVE this unit, and I am sure yours will too!

All three items are now available in both my Teachers Pay Teachers shop and my Teachers Notebook shop. Both stores will be on sale at 20% off for Cyber Monday and Tuesday! TPT is offering a promo code at the same time so you will get an additional 10% with the code CMT12. My Teachers Notebook store is actually on sale now with 20% off plus an automatic 10% discount from TN.

I have more fun things in the works including Christmas and Winter themed math games and Roll Say Keep!

Now, I’m off to fill my TPT cart with items from my wishlist! 🙂

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