Johnny Appleseed/Apple Mini-Unit

I love celebrating Johnny Appleseed’s birthday in the classroom! It gives me a good reason to bring all sorts of apple goodies into the classroom! During the week that John Chapman’s birthday falls (September 26th) my students sample one different apple item each day. I usually do applesauce, cider, juice, pie, and different types of apples. We do graphs, read books, sing songs, all sorts of fun apple things! I put together some of my ideas and materials I use into a mini Johnny Appleseed/Apple unit. Here’s what’s included and a peek!

– Johnny Applseed/Apple book recommendations
– What’s your favorite kind of apple graph: Materials to create a class graph and analyze the graph
– What’s your favorite apple item graph: Materials to create a class graph and analyze the graph
– Apple seed addition page
– Johnny Appleseed glyph
– 10 math journal prompts
– Apple themed word search
– Apple patterns sheet
– Apple addition page (adding to 18)
– Apple Sink or Float experiment page
– Apple themed writing paper (4 styles)
– Apple graphic organizer (bubble map)
– Johnny Appleseed graphic organizer (bubble map)
– Original apple poem and apple song
– Apple tic tac toe game with short a words (4 different boards)




The unit is available on Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook!
The kids always LOVE having apple themed snacks! I can’t wait for them to try all of the apple things. It’s always interesting to find out who likes what kinds of apples and what apple foods the students have never had before!


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